Projection list for Master Admin Students



1. FCNR Accounts in Banks

2. Subordinates exchanging

3. Internet exchanging of prospects and alternatives

4. Product subsidiaries

5. Instructive advances from open division banks

6. Individual advances in private division banks

7. Self improvement gatherings and small scale fund

8. Advancement and fares

9. American Depository receipts

10. Worldwide Depository receipts

11. Retail Lending

12. Accessibility and Utilization of Bank Finance for Working Capital Needs-A Study

13. Investigation of varieties in the value dimension of fundamental items and their impact on the general population.

14. Investigation of stock broking tasks in Hyderabad Stock Exchange(HSE).

15. Youngsters’ Savings Schemes – A relative investigation of plans offered by chosen banks.

16. Casual Mutual Credit Association – An investigation of casual chit reserves.

17. An investigation of Cost Control Techniqes of two assembling units.

18. Monetary Structure of two/three Advertising Agencies in the Twin urban communities.

19. Issue of season tickets by the APSRTS – A Cost Benefit Analysis.

20. Working of Housing Finance Companies – A contextual investigation of HDFC/LIC/AB Homes/Deeven Housing

Money Corporation/Any other organization.

21. SEBI and Investor Protection – An investigation.

22. Portfolio Management Practices of UTI/LIC/Mutual Fund.

23. Issues of stock merchants versus the offer exchanges.

24. Execution of Non-Banking Finance Companies – An investigation of chose organizations in Twin Cities of

Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

25. Issues and Prospects of Non-Banking Finance Companies.

26. The executives of Non-Banking Finance Companies – An investigation of chose units.

27. Approaches and practices of Lease Accounting – An investigation of chose organizations.

28. Arrangements and practices of Lease Accounting – An investigation of chose organizations.

29. Money related Services – Growth and Development – An investigation of chose organizations.

30. Rising Trends in Merchant Banking – An investigation of chose organizations.

31. Patterns in Mutual Funds – A contextual investigation.

32. Working Capital Management in Small Scale Units – An investigation of chose units.

33. Sources and Applications of Funds – A contextual investigation.

34. Effect of Liberalization on Capital Market.

35. Effect of Financial Sector Reforms on Banking Sector – An investigation of chose Banks.

36. Issues and Prospects of Venture Capital – A contextual analysis.

37. Profit Policies and Practices – A similar report between a Public Sector Company and a Private

Division Company.

38. Working of National Stock Exchange (NSE).

39. Working of SEs in India – A similar investigation of BSE and NSE.

40. Impact of Liberalization on Savings and Investments in India.

41. Impact of changes in Monetary Policy on the execution of NBFCs – An examination.

42. Progression and the Recent Trends in Financial Intermediation.

43. Working of IDBI/UTI/ICICI/LIC and so forth.

44. Job of HDFC in giving Housing Finance to center and high pay gatherings.

45. Working of Auto Finance Companies – A contextual investigation.

46. Mergers and Acquisitions in India – An examination

47. Job of Institutional and little speculators in Capital Markets in India.

48. Status of Equity Research in India.

49. Affliction in Small Scale Units – An examination.

50. Issue Management

51. Advancement and Integration of Financial Markets

52. Bookkeeping Standards – a few issues.

53. The board Control Systems – A contextual analysis

54. Execution of Multi National Companies (MNC’s) An investigation

55. Current Swaps: An Instrument of International Finance

56. Outside Direct Investments FDI.

57. Cultivating Investor Confidence – Some Implications

58. National Depository System

59. The Changing Role of Commercial Banks in India.

60. Insider Trading – Effects on Stock Returns.

61. Value Share Valuation : An investigation of Pharmaceutical/Cement/Textiles Industry.

62. Value Investment and Economic development in India.


1. H R Planning and Recruitment – Comparison among PSU and Private Sector Companies.

2. H R P in Public Sector Organization – A Case Study.

3. H R D Strategies – Comparison among PSU and Private Sector Companies.

4. H R M Practices in an association – A contextual analysis.

5. Effect of Training on the execution of representatives – A contextual analysis.

6. Determination and Recruitment rehearses in an association – A Case Study.

7. Use of Appraisal procedures in an association – A contextual analysis.

8. Work/Employee Turnover – A Case Study.

9. Settlement and Grievances Handling in an association – A Case Study.

10. Job of H R M office in Turnaround the board

11. Job of H R M division in a Growing association.

12. Job of H R M division in ERP (SAP/People delicate)

13. H R Accounting

14. Arrangement between procedure prerequisites and Governance abilities in B P O.

15. Theory of H R Management

16. Culture and Cross fringe Mergers and Acquisitions

17. High Skill Equilibrium.

18. High Skill Eco System.

19. Learning Transfer through Inheritance

20. Ability Management

21. Learning Management.

22. Influence of Leadership on Performance of the Organization.

23. Profession stagnation circumstances and end results on the Individual/Organization.

24. Authoritative viability through HRD in the change Liberalized markets.

25. Hierarchical Climate and Leadership of an Organization a near report.

26. Structure of Personal Information System for an association.

27. Occupation fulfillment and Health of workers in an association.

28. Reward framework – an instrument for advancing wanted hierarchical execution a contextual analysis.

29. Recognizable proof of preparing needs of security work force in an association.

30. HRD methodologies and Industrial Relations – a contextual analysis.

31. Arranging and Identifying HRD intercessions for tackling authoritative issues an examination.

32. Job of progress specialist (External/inside) in an association.

33. Job of HRD in TQM.

34. Different Incentive plans a similar report.

35. Work Measurement and compensation installment plans.

36. Investigation of Employee ethics and frames of mind.

37. Pay Revision Management.

38. Pay fixing organization.

39. Nature of work life

40. Inspiration and assurance

41. Nobility of Labor

42. Execution evaluation and directing

43. Preparing needs and investigation

44. Positive power field examination and change the board

45. HRM advisors

46. E-Learning

47. Paperless office

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